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Graduate Bible Degrees

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Patriot Bible University
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Graduate Bible Studies 
Discover the genius of AFFORDABLE Self-directed Distance Learning


Masters Degree - 2 year degree

* Ten courses (30 credits), plus a Thesis (6 credits) = 36 credits.

Doctor of Ministry - 3 year degree
* Twelve courses (36 credits), plus a Dissertation (9 credits) = 45 credits.

Choose from majors in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies,
Christian Counseling, or Christian Education.



Patriot course books are carefully selected from Biblically conservative, professional authors who have written on a focused subject. Courses present and expound on the absolute truth of the Bible - not humanistic reasoning or higher criticism.

Patriot’s unique curriculum is reading-based, self-directed,  self-paced, and portable. Students do not sit through taped lectures while writing pages of notes and taking multiple 'guess' tests. Students are not required to participate in online chats and forums.

Look A Few Of The Study Options...
* Study the Life of David or Prophecy in the Book of Daniel or Lessons in Faith &      Leadership found in Joshua.
* Go deeper in the Gospels and Doctrinal Theology, Angelology, Pneumatology,
    and Hearing from God.
* Learn how to Teach for Life Change and Counsel from a Biblical Christian
   Counseling platform.
* Improve your pastoral ministry with Servant Leadership and Power-Filled
* Update your historical knowledge with America—Christian Nation or Not? 


While they aren't literally on our staff, our course textbook authors are chosen from the best Christian leaders-authors-scholars past and present:

Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, Theodore Epp, J. Vernon McGee, R.A.Torrey, Warren Wiersbe, Philip Keller, W.A. Criswell, John R. Rice, Vance Havner, Keith Brooks, Roy B. Zuck, Jack Hyles, Howard Hendricks, Henry Morris, Larry Burkett, Curtis Hutson, Oswald Sanders, Jay Adams, F.B.Meyer, Adrian Rogers, and others.

Our primary teacher is the Holy Spirit.



Masters program - Tuition for up to 24 mos., all course materials, all fees 
$1551 complete!    Financial Details...  Degree Requirements..

Doctorate program - Tuition for up to 36 mos., all course materials, all fees
$2189 complete!    Financial Details...  Degree Requirements...

More and more college students are thinking twice about the wisdom of incurring student loans — often more than $ 50,000 by the time they graduate. The average graduate is still paying off a student loan SEVERAL YEARS after graduation. What will you do?



Proven self-starters and self-directed learners, proven passionate about gaining knowledge and wisdom from the Bible, grounded in Bible basics, and faithful stewards with God's money.

PBU graduates are equipped to serve the church, the Lord, His children and '
soon-to-be' children.

"..Join thousands of satisfied PBU students ...spanning more
than a third of a century..."

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